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Express Sale

The quickest and safest way to sell your car. DCH Quality Used Car always commit to the deals and prices agreed between the car sellers. Car payment is guaranteed. You can save the hassles of repeating buyer meetings, test drives, and haggling. (Mileage below 80,000km)

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A flexible way to sell as you can use your car while taking bids for your car. You also take control of the entire car selling process. helps selling by promoting the website and making car listings known to potential buyers.

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Selling your car at UsedCarMart



Free Valuation

The professional team estimates the price of the car for the seller at no charge. The final price of the car on UCM is decided by the seller. The car valuation service is provided by the DCH Quality Used Car, you can submit your valuation equiry at car registration page.


Car Images Upload

Please provide images of the exterior and interior of your car.

Samples below for your reference.


exterior sample0604



interior sample0604


User Sharing

Free valuation

Free car valuation service is available at the car listing submission page of the website, provided by DCH Quality Used Car Centre.

Higher chance of selling

Selling a car at UsedCarMart is free. To increase the chances of selling, promotion of the website will be carried out in various electronic and printed media. The steps to get a car listed are quick and easy. Please see details on “Sell a Car” page.

Privacy and highest bid

Chatroom is for buyer and seller to communicate anonymously. Chats between a member and another are not seen by any other members. A seller can therefore discuss terms with different potential buyers simultaneously and will likely sell the car at the highest bid.

Meeting with buyers without hassle

Seller can meet the buyer at a safe and well-lit facility without having to contend with rain, the beating sun, or other hassles. Seller of a verified car can easily make an advance appointment at a preferred centre.

Sell your car first, settle the loan after

A seller can offer the car for sale even if there is an outstanding loan on it by subscribing the Transaction Settlement Service*. The loan settlement and vehicle registration redemption will be taken care of after receipt of the buyer’s full payment.

*Fee-charging services are provided by DCH Quality Used Car and MotorMech Service Station Limited.

Payment guarantee

Not only saving the trouble of handling documentation and money matters, seller can use the Transaction Settlement Service* to avoid the risk of payment default. The seller keeps the car and the vehicle registration document will be handed back to the seller If the buyer fails to pay in full. Else, the seller receives a cheque for car sales proceeds in as little as 3 days after the buyer’s full payment and car ownership transfer that only takes place after confirmation of the buyer’s full payment.

*Fee-charging services are provided by DCH Quality Used Car and MotorMech Service Station Limited.