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Value-added services

The following value-added services for buying and selling of used cars are provided by DCH Quality Used Car.

*service fee applies
# limited availability
^ Subject to terms

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Information Verification

Random seller of a published car listing will be invited to come to a DCH Quality Used Cars service centre in person for verification of key details of the vehicle and the vehicle owner (car and car registration document with owner identity document), but copies of such documentation will not be made.  Every verified car listing gets an identifying label  Verified cars get prioritized placement in initial display.  Another benefit to the sellers of verified cars is that they can reserve time-slot to use designated facilities to meet the prospective buyers. Members of UsedCarMart are encouraged to use the Report function to inform wrong information and any other issues identified.


Venue for meeting and car viewing

Buyers and sellers can meet and look over the vehicle in a safe, well-lit indoor facility without having to contend with rain, the beating sun, or other inconveniences. Car lifts will be provided at as necessary. This service is limited to sellers of the  V  car listings. Advance booking is required.

Car sellers can choose from the following locations:

Transaction Settlement Service*

Transaction Settlement Service is for avoiding buyers and sellers’ risks in used car transactions. After the buyers and sellers reached a consensus on the transaction, handing of legally binding contracts, transfer of the cars and payment will be provided.


The buyer will receive an official receipt of the payment. Before the vehicle is transferred, the buyer can check the condition of the car again and can negotiate with the seller to park it at the service center#. After completing the transaction, the car and the ownership transferred vehicle registration document will be received. If the car ownership cannot be transferred, the buyer will get the refund of the payment.


If the buyer fails to make the full payment after signing the contract, the vehicle registration document provided by the buyer will be returned. Once the payment is confirmed and car ownership is transferred, the seller will receive the cheque.


Car Inspection*

150-pt inspection covers the engine and power systems, transmission system, suspension system, front/rear axles, braking system, cooling system, fuel system, air conditioning, differential, road testing, and more. The detailed inspection report allows the buyer to have clear picture of the car so that he or she can sign the car sale and purchase contract with peace of mind.

It’s common these days for used car sellers to carry out detailed inspection on the cars and make ready the inspection reports for the prospective buyers as the reports help to understand better the value of the cars,  speed up the consideration and agreement process. At the sellers’ discretion, a copy of the report can be made available at the car listing to differentiate the car from similar offerings that without the reports.


Car Finance

Car Finance can be provided at a favourable interest rate through the Transaction Settlement Service The seller will not need to use cash or a personal loan to redeem their vehicle registration document before selling his or her car. Settlement of the outstanding car loan balance and registration document redemption will be made on behalf of the seller, after the buyer’s full payment.


Car Insurance

The best car insurance plans can be provided for selection.  No service fee is charged.  The comprehensive one-stop service makes every used car trade smooth and easy.

Vehicle Maintenance Service*

Car buyers can choose from a variety of quality car care and maintenance services, such as oil and filter change, air conditioner cleaning and filter replacement, coating and car waxing, etc., and have them done professionally before taking car delivery. Another convenient service to save the buyers’ hassle.